Kevin Buckley

Buckley Search Inc.

We are the only management consulting firm accepted as an Affiliate Member of the NCBFAA, CIFFA and the CSCB, serving Freight Forwarding and Customs Brokerage leaders since 1990.

I am headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

Questions you may have:

What is our role?

We serve to introduce interested parties to each other, after having established an initial basis for mutual interest.

What is the next step if I want to learn more?

Confidentiality is established through a mutually-signed NDA between the interested parties. This would be sent to you upon request. Then, we would obtain permission from our client to release their identity.

Is there a toll-free number to call for more information?

Yes, our number is toll-free in North America:

1 (866) 996-9984

A text message can be sent to my cel at (289) 888-1692

My email is kevin@buckleysearch.com

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